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The SetJetters application was created to help film location lovers travel, and to help travelers love film locations.

SetJetters is the best way to search for, navigate to, and share your trips to the great film and television locations around the world. Whether you’re a location geek out in the field or a film buff binge watching at home and wondering where a great scene was filmed, SetJetters will not only help you find the answer – but also help you get to the location and right into the action!

Whether it’s close to home or across the globe, SetJetters is designed to be your handheld travel guide to the most exciting film locations, from the biggest studio franchises – like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Mission:Impossible – to smaller independent films and classics.

With our in-app ShotSync camera, SetJetters doesn’t just bring you to the exact shot location – it places you directly into your favorite on-screen moments. Capture a side-by-side comparison of the original film’s shot with yours, and then share your cinematic adventure straight to the SetJetters app homepage or direct to your social media.

And with every scene you visit, our Beyond The Frame information will enhance your knowledge about the environment surrounding your favorite locations, highlighting local history, nearby food, accommodation, and other local attractions.


– Live database of film and TV locations

– Searchable, worldwide map displaying locations

– ShotSync camera with scene overlay and capture

– Beyond The Frame provides local travel information

– Daily updated locations, and locations that you can add too!