What is “SetJetting”?

Film tourism, also known as SetJetting, is an increasingly popular activity among many travelers today. Visiting the sets and locations used to create our favorite films, TV shows, and video games allow a deeper connection with the narratives that entertain us and inspire us.

Our Team

From backgrounds in film-making, film development, marketing, geography, video games, cartography, and software development, the SetJetters team represents a rare confluence of diverse expertise and experience that is uniquely complementary. Our individual interests in film tourism brought us together. Our shared vision for changing the future of travel drives us forward.

Our Mission

SetJetters aims to reinvent film tourism through our location-based app experience. We strive to not only empower existing SetJetters with great new capabilities but also introduce the joy of film tourism to travelers around the world.

Our Product

SetJetters is a mobile app that will provide travelers with a single point of engagement for their interest and passion in film tourism. Designed for everyone from the most devoted SetJetters to the most casual tourists, the system will empower travelers with a variety of tools and features, such as:

  • Browse through and conduct research with our robust film/TV/game location database that covers the entire globe
  • Plan your film location travel and gain access to special deals and experiences through our travel partners
  • Capture on-site location photos exactly the way you remember them from your favorite films
  • Organize, report, and share your SetJetters travels with friends, family, and colleagues

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